Psychotherapy in Terminal Care

Richard W. Boerstler, Ph.D.


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Specializing in Anxiety, Grief, and Loss Associated with Life Changes and Serious Illness.


Eighteen years ago we discovered a procedure in terminal care that had never been published in Western literature.* For centuries physician-priests in Tibet have used a meditative technique to quiet and clear the mind during life-threatening illness. We have adapted this method for anyone to use, sick or healthy, who wants to center their spinning mind and achieve serenity.

Comeditation is a form of deep relaxation in which two people participate: the meditator whose breathing guides the session, and the comeditator, who watches each breath and responds with spoken words and guided imagery. A session will last only 20 to 30 minutes, but its beneficial effects may continue for hours or days. The techniques presented in Life to Death and the authors’ unique approach to the many challenges of living and dying will be of great value to hospice staffs, AIDS workers, general caregivers, and those who suffer from chronic or terminal illness. This complete guide for those making the final passage is co-authored by Hulen S. Kornfeld, R.N., M.A., a former head nurse in a chronic disease hospital and a longtime hospice affiliate. She is now a pain management and biobehavioral consultant at the Learning Center for Supportive Care in Lincoln, Massachusetts. Together they lecture to medical and allied professional groups.

The Groundbreaking book in terminal care:

*Life to Death, Harmonizing the Transition


Richard W. Boerstler, Ph.D. and Hulen S. Kornfeld, R.N., M.A.

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As a practitioner in Thanatology, I invite you to a meditative experience prior to and at the time of your death. It is possible to experience death with dignity and nobility, as many religious traditions have attested. Unfortunately, most of them have not been practiced for many centuries. There is no charge for instruction to the sick and families with terminal illness.

Richard W. Boerstler, Ph.D.


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