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Skilled Nursing Facilities: Paying for Care

Rates for most facilities vary according to the room, single or multiple occupancy, and level of care required. Basic rates include room and board, and the standard level of nursing care provided by the facility. (Medicare in Skilled Nursing Facilties) Additional fees include but are not limited to physician's fees and prescribed medications. Prior to admission, it is essential to determine the specific nature and cost of any additional charges.

Rates for home based care also vary depending upon level of service (e.g., homemaking, home health aide, or nursing services), individual agency rates, and established rates for specific geographic areas. Prior to contracting for services, it is advisable to make inquiries regarding rates and services. Contacting several agencies allows for both service and rate comparisons.

Because long term care is costly, prolonged care can quickly deplete individual or family savings. While some home based and nursing care costs may be defrayed by private medical and disability insurance policies, long-term care is most often financed through personal funds and/or state and federal medical assistance programs. (2)

Durable Medical Equipment:
Information on durable medical equipment/claims.
Massachusetts MassHealth/Medicaid Application    
& Information Center:
MassPRO Hotline:
Appeals for hospital discharges and quality of medicall care complaints review.
Mass Health (Medicaid):1-888-665-9993
Medicare Part A:
Information on Part A coverage and claims.
Medicare Part B:
Information on Part B coverage and claims.
Medicare Advocacy Project:
Advice and free legal representation to older and disabled MA residents.
National Medicare Hotline:
All Medicare Questions.
Pharmacy Program:
Financial aid for prescriptions.

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Skilled Nursing Facilities

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