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Successful Aging
by John Wallis Rowe, Robert Louis Kahn
Hardcover - 265 pages 1 Ed edition (April 1998)
Pantheon Books; ISBN: 0375400451

Here at last is a compelling and inspiring presentation of what determines how well we age--the results of the MacArthur Foundation Study of Aging in America, which show how to maintain optimum physical and mental strength throughout later life.

The Anti-Aging Zone
by Barry Sears
Hardcover - 415 pages (December 30, 1998)
Regan Books; ISBN: 0060392436

How old are you now? Want to look younger, live longer, and feel better? With his #1 New York Times bestseller The Zone, Dr. Sears began revolutionizing nutritional thinking in America. Now, his cutting-edge hormonal-control research is elevated to a new level that promises to change forever how we look at aging.

The Virtues of Aging (Library of Contemporary Thought)
by Jimmy Carter
Paperback - 140 pages (October 1998)
Ballatine Books (Trd Pap); ISBN: 0345435938

"We are not alone in our worry about both the physical aspect of aging and the prejudice that exists toward the elderly, which is similar to racism or sexism. What makes it different is that the prejudice also exists among those of us who are either within this group or rapidly approaching it. When I have mentioned the title of this book to a few people, most of them responded, 'Virtues? What could possibly be good about growing old?' The most obvious answer, of course, is to consider the alternative to aging. But there are plenty of other good answers--many based on our personal experiences and observations." -- from THE VIRTUES OF AGING

Growing Older and Wiser: Coping With Expectations, Challenges, and Change in the Later Years
by Nathan Billig
Paperback Reprint edition (August 1995)
Lexington Books; ISBN: 0669276790

Older adults are more diverse biologically, socially, and psychologically than any other age group. This guide to understanding the mental health of older people reveals how to cope with the normal aging process and see its potentially positive aspects while dealing with its problems.

Growing Wiser: The Older Person's Guide to Mental Wellness
by Donald Kemper
Paperback (June 1986)
Healthwise; ISBN: 0961269030

Growing Older in America
by Robert J. Riekse
Hardcover (February 1996)
McGraw Hill College Div; ISBN: 0070527423

This book has great depth on the subject of growing older yet is very easy to read. I recommend this book to every member of the 'baby boom' generation! Designed as a textbook, anyone at all levels can benefit greatly from the insight that Growing Older provides.

Grow Old Along with Me: The Best Is Yet to Be
by Sandra Martz (Editor)
Paperback - 216 pages 1 Ed edition (September 1996)
Papier-Mache Press; ISBN: 0918949866

Falling in love again after being widowed, redefining roles with children, men facing retirement, women discovering new opportunities for growth --this eloquent anthology appreciates the similarities and differences between men and women aging, transforming our myths of aging into a real sense of wonder and expectation.

Losses in Later Life: A New Way of Walking With God
by R. Scott Sullender
Hardcover 2 Ed edition (June 1999)
ISBN: 0789006278
Vital Involvement in Old Age
by Helen Q. Kivnick (Contributor), Erik Homburger Erikson, Joan Mowat Erikson (Contributor)
Paperback Reissue edition (December 1994)
W.W. Norton & Company; ISBN: 039331216X

Erikson's now-famous concept of the life cycle delineates eight stages of psychological development through which each of us progresses. The last stage, old age, challenges the individual to rework the past while remaining involved in the present. Erikson is winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award.

Adventures in Senior Living: Learning How to Make Retirement Meaningful and Enjoyable
by J. Lawrence Driskill
Paperback - 165 pages (November 1997)
Haworth Pr; ISBN: 078900254X

If retirement is approaching or you've recently retired, this book can help you prepare for the opportunities, needs, problems, and challenges that retirement often brings. Through 31 lively and interesting interviews, you learn how other people have found rewarding ways to make their retirement years meaningful and enjoyable.

The American Geriatrics Society's Complete Guide to Aging & Health
by Mark E. Williams
Hardcover - 494 pages 1 Ed edition (April 1995)
Harmony Books; ISBN: 0517595397

A comprehensive reference on the health concerns of older Americans explores the symptoms and signs of aging, preventive health care, alternatives to long-term care, common ailments and their treatments, and other essential topics.

Aging With Joy
by Morrison, Radike, Ruth Morrison, Dawn Radtke (Contributor)
Paperback (August 1988)
Twenty Third Pubns; ISBN: 0896223604

The Nine Myths of Aging: Maximizing the Quality of Later Life
by Douglas H. Powell
Hardcover - 250 pages (June 1998)
W H Freeman & Co; ISBN: 0716731045

Dr. Powell debunks the most prevalent myths about aging and explains why knowing the truth can help one remain physically, mentally and socially vigorous for as long as possible.

Live Now, Age Later: Proven Ways to Slow Down the Clock
by Isadore Rosenfeld M.D., Isadore Rosenfield
Mass Market Paperback - 457 pages (May 2000)
Warner Books; ISBN: 0446609102

Each chapter deals with a specific aging complication - such as Alzheimer's, cancer, depression, stroke, osteoporosis, heart attacks, prostate enlargement, and losses of hearing, vision, libido, and teeth. For each condition, Rosenfeld presents the cause, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and specific strategies for lessening your risk.

Dare to Be 100
by Walter M., II Bortz
Paperback - 272 pages (June 1996)
Fireside; ISBN: 0684800217

bestselling expert on aging and geriatric care offers a prescription for achieving longevity and preserving the quality of life. In this book, Walter M. Bortz II, M.D., explains how and why we should all strive to be centenarians with his unique and practical program.

Older and Wiser: How to Maintain Peak Mental Ability for As Long As You Live
by Richard M., Md. Restak
Paperback - 272 pages Berkley tr edition (February 1999)
Penguin USA (Paper); ISBN: 0425165868

Filled with specific advice and simple exercises, this groundbreaking guide from the acclaimed neurologist draws on the latest scientific research to help maintain brain power at any age.

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