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The Fearless Caregiver: How to Get the Best Care for Your Loved One and Still Have a Life of Your Own (Capital Cares)
by Gary Barg (Editor)
Paperback - 264 pages
Capital Books Inc; ISBN: 1931868565

While they are giving care, the nation's 25 million family caregivers rarely get a rest. Gone are the days when you could rely on others to do the work of caring for a loved one in your family. America's healthcare system throws many of the vital decisions, costs and burdens back on the family.

Caring for Your Aging Parents: When Love Is Not Enough
by Barbara Deane
Paperback - 276 pages
Word Publishing; ISBN: 0891095780

Author and caregiver Barbara Deane deals comprehensively with the many challenges of caring for an aging parent or relative. By combining insights gleaned from her own experiences, interviews with experts, testimonial from other struggling caregivers, and helpful reference lists, Deane furnishes the emotional support and practical advice caregivers need to provide good care-and keep from burning out in the process.

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Aging Parents: How to Help, How to Survive
by Claire Berman (Author)
Paperback - 251 pages
Owl Books; ISBN: 080506804X

A completely revised edition for adult children who care for aging parents, with new information on nursing homes and an updated resource section. This helpful, compassionate guide centers on the emotional stresses and needs of caregivers, while at the sametime addressing all the practical issues they are likely to confront.

Coping With Your Difficult Older Parent
by Grace Lebow (Author), Barbara Kane (Author)
Paperback - 224 pages
Avon; ISBN: 038079750X

For the first time, there's a common-sense guide from professionals, with more than two decades in the field, on how to smooth communications with a challenging parent. Filled with practical tips for handling contentious behaviors and sample dialogues for some of the most troubling situations.

Are Your Parents Driving You Crazy? How to Resolve the Most Common Dilemmas with Aging Parents
by Joseph A. Ilardo, Carole R. Rothman
Paperback - 240 pages
VanderWyk & Burnham; ISBN: 1889242144

The co-authors, both family therapists, give you a simple problem-solving model for working through any dilemma you and your aging parents may run into, and then take you through 25 of the most common dilemmas. Chapters also include communicating effectively, breaking an impasse, and taking care of yourself in the process.

Taking Care of Parents Who Didn't Take Care of You: Making Peace With Aging Parents
by Eleanor Cade
Paperback - 167 pages
Hazelden Information Education; ISBN: 1568388799

The book illustrates its many guidelines and suggestions with stories from others who have shared the same, difficult journey. Readers will discover that it is possible to come to terms with the dysfunctions in their families of origin and find healing in the process.

Compassionate Touch: Hands-On Caregiving for the Elderly, the Ill and the Dying
by Dawn, M.F.A. Nelson
Paperback - 160 pages (May 1993)
Talman Company; ISBN: 0882681494

Compassionate Touch is a unique "how-to" book whose aim is to address the often unmet need of the aged, the ill, and the dying for intimate, nurturing contact.

The Aging Parent Handbook
by Virginia Schomp
Mass Market Paperback - 432 pages (June 1997)
HarperCollins (paper); ISBN: 0061010324

A helpful reference for adults caring for their elderly and infirm parents offers practical, common-sense advice for caregivers on such issues as housing and health-care options, financing alternatives, legal concerns, common illnesses and ailments, and available agencies and other resources.

Caregiver's Reprieve: A Guide to Emotional Survival When You're Caring for Someone You Love (The Working Caregiver Series)
by Avrene L. Brandt
Paperback - 106 pages (November 1997)
Impact Pub; ISBN: 1886230064

Compassionate Touch is a unique "how-to" book whose aim is to address the often unmet need of the aged, the ill, and the dying for intimate, nurturing contact.

The Caregiver's Companion: Words to Comfort and Inspire
by Bettyclare Moffatt
Paperback - 216 pages Berkley tr edition (March 1997)
Berkley Pub Group; ISBN: 0425156176

A stimulating compilation of inspirational essays, interviews, meditations, and advice offers support and compassionate advice for those who care for the sick and dying, explaining how to cope with the fear, stress, and grief that accompany the caregiving role.

Care That Works: A Relationship Approach to Persons With Dementia
by Jitka M. Zgola
Paperback - 232 pages (May 1999)
Johns Hopkins Univ Pr; ISBN: 0801860261
Caregiving: Hospice - Proven Techniques for Healing Body and Soul
by Douglas C. Smith, Doug Smith
Hardcover - 240 pages (September 1997)
Macmillan General Reference; ISBN: 0028616634

Drawing on his experience as a hospice worker and instructor, Douglas Smith provides practical tools and techniques to enable family, friends, and caregivers to become a positive force in their patients' lives. Rich in stories and personal insights, The Rights of the Sick and Dying also offers ways in which patients can evaluate and improve their own care with this "Patient's Bill of Rights."

The Caregivers' Roller Coaster; A Practical Guide to Caregiving for the Frail Elderly
by Billie Jackson
Paperback - 163 pages (May 1993)
Loyola University Press; ISBN: 0829407456

The Caregivers' Roller Coaster is a simply written self-help guide for caregivers of the frail elderly. It offers support for ordinary men and women - not trained professionals - who find themselves caring for aging family members in their homes.

Caring & Competent Caregivers
by Robert Moroney (Editor), Paul R. Dokecki, jo Gates, John J. Gates, Paul R. Dokeckim (Contributor)
Paperback - 200 pages (March 1998)
Univ of Georgia Pr; ISBN 082031952X

This book illustrates the caregiving needs to be faced in the next century. Written by individuals associated with the National Quality Caregiving Coalition (NQCC) of the Rosalynn Carter Institute, Caring and Competent Caregivers is a foundation book for use by academicians conducting professional training programs, diverse health care and social service providers on the front lines providing assistance to others, and students entering the field. Incorporating philosophy, social science research, and impressionistic evidence, this book provides a basis for education and practice that is both inspirational and practical.

The Comfort of Home: An Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide for Caregivers
by Maria M. Meyer, Paula Derr (Contributor), Mark O. Hatfield, Maria M. Meyer, RN Paula Derr
Paperback - 363 pages 1 Ed edition (November 1998)
Caretrust Pubns Llc; ISBN: 0966476700

A guide that takes the fear out of home care and brings confidence and peace of mind to caregivers. The Comfort of Home starts with the basics and contains all the information caregivers need to do the job at their fingertips, both now and as new healthcare needs arise.

Complete Idiot's Guide to Caring for Aging Parents
by Linda, Ed.D. Rhodes, Linda Colvin Rhodes
Paperback - 339 pages 1 edition (October 19, 2000)
Alpha Books; ISBN: 002863943X

If you are preparing to take on the responsibility of caring for an aging parent, this book guides you through the difficult choices that you must make.

Caregiver's Handbook
by Visiting Nurses Assoc, Deni Bown
Paperback - 192 pages (March 1998)
Dk Pub Merchandise; ISBN: 0789419696

An extremely useful reference for safely caring for the sick or the elderly. Practical suggestions including excellent illustrations of techniques and equipment.

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Aging Parents: How to Help, How to Survive
by Claire Berman
Paperback - 272 pages Reprint edition (March 1997)
Henry Holt (Paper); ISBN: 0805041095

Berman's book is an invaluable safety net for adult children who care for aging parents. She uses personal experience, case histories, and interviews with geriatric professionals to blaze a trail for those who are "childing" (not really "parenting") mom or dad.

The Caregiver's Book: Caring for Another, Caring for Yourself
by James E., Jr. Miller
Paperback (September 1996)
Augsburg Fortress Publishers; ISBN: 0806629851

Here is a compassionate exploration of the caregiver's role, feelings, and experiences, providing practical, affirming suggestions for renewing strength and hope through words of inspiration from the Bible, literature, and great thinkers throughout the ages.

Keeping Them Healthy, Keeping Them Home: How to Care for Your Loved Ones at Home
by Ellen Caruso R.N., Ellen M. Caruso
Paperback - 189 pages 1st edition (August 15, 1998)
Health Information Pr; ISBN: 1885987137

Here's the practical knowledge you need to successfully face the challenges and rewards of caring for those you love. Every aspect of home healthcare, from the smallest detail of laundry management to how to choose a home care agency, is covered in a simple, straightforward way.

How Did I Become My Parent's Parent?
by Harriet Sarnoff Schiff
Paperback - 224 pages Reprint edition (May 1997)
Penguin USA (Paper); ISBN: 0140237143

This book shows us the who, when, and how of effective intervention when we must eventually reverse roles with those who raised us. Schiff shares wisdom gleaned from interviews with nursing home residents and their families and offers advice to lessen stress for both.

The Reluctant Caregivers:
Learning to Care for a Loved One with Alzheimer's

by Anne B. Hendershott
Hardcover - 168 pages (March 30, 2000)
Bergin & Garvey; ISBN: 0897897110

Although Hendershott has spent many years teaching and writing about the sociological aspects of aging, she writes that "none of this could have prepared me for the overwhelming challenge of caring for my own mother-in-law in my home." She introduces baby boomers as the unexpected caregivers of the coming decades.

He Used to Be Somebody, 1995:
A Journey into Alzheimer's Disease Through the Eyes of a Caregiver

by Beverly Bigtree Murphy
Paperback - 348 pages 1 edition (February 1996)
Gibbs Assoc; ISBN: 0943909147

This book is one of the best case histories of Alzheimer's Disease that you will find and it is the only book about home care of an Alzheimer's family member available today.

Coping With Caring:
Daily Reflection for Alzheimers Caregivers

by Lyn Roche
Paperback - 370 pages (September 1996)
Elder Books; ISBN: 0943873290

COPING WITH CARING is written for the caregiver who cares for a loved one with Alzheimer's or a related disorder. Each page provides an inspiring daily reflection, followed by a related caregiving tip. Designed for daily use, this unique volume will serve to give you emotional support and insights to help strengthen you during the caregiving journey.

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Aging Parents:
How to Help, How to Survive

by Claire Berman
Paperback - 272 pages Reprint edition (March 1997)
Henry Holt (Paper); ISBN: 0805041095

Berman's title will likely reach an increasing audience of adults who find themselves caring for two families at once. From only child and sibling relationships to long-distance caregiving and support groups, this considers a range of issues related to caring for aging parents, from financial aid to long distance care programs.

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